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Welcome to Another F-ing BBS!

There are many benefits to joining the BBS. You can Upload/Download Programs and Files. You can communicate directly with other users around the world! You can play games and whatever you would like.... Just enjoy... Gary 

Membership to the Web Portal and the BBS are all FREE! Just provide your contact info. If you are a visiting Sysop, Please send me a message on the BBS or Email me at and I will get you set up as a Visiting Sysop. Gary 
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Latest News

There is no news except the introduction of the BBS Online! The BBS is operating on Mystic BBS Software. The software has limited Web/Internet capabilities, so this is what I've come up with to offer the BBS to the Internet Users.

This website is not linked to the BBS data/message files in any way! You can log on here and use the features of the website, but if you want to actually visit the BBS, you can visit using the interface at the bottom of this page, or you can use your Telnet software and visit Port 23.

If you do not have a Telnet software, you can visit And download "NETRUNNER" which is a very good Telnet Client.

Or you can look into SyncTerm which is another Telnet Client:

Now, if you are an OLD computer person like me, then you know what BBS's are.  I am currently running my BBS via Telnet.  Interested in visiting?  Go to telnet:// Or Visit Below!

You Can Log On To The BBS Here

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