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General Local Messages
Open Discussion All Topics
fsxNet General Chat
fsxNet Mystic BBS Chat
fsxNet BBS Software, Dev etc.FSX_BBSFSX_BBS
fsxNet Robots
fsxNet Cryptographic Discussion
fsxNet Duplicates
RTN:Amiga Computers
RTN:Coleco Adam
RTN:Atari Computers
RTN:BBS Advertisements
RTN:General Chat
RTN:Buy/Sell Classifieds
RTN:Tech Echo
RTN:PC Related Chat
RTN:Game Consoles/Handheld
RTN:Emulating Retro Systems
RTN:Sinclair Systems
RTN:MS-DOS Related
RTN:Apple Systems
SV For Sale Conference
SV Survival Commo, Skills
SV "How To" Prep/Bld/Mnt.Equip
SV Survivalnet HQ (Sysops)
SV SVN League 911 Chat Only
Survival Food/Rec./Storage
SV General Chat
Info from or about Internet
"Propaganda" infl. Hurd att
SV: Suggestions drop box
SV Survivalnet TEST Area
SFNet Test Messages
SFNet General Chat
SFNet Admin Sysops Only
SFNet Announcements
SFNet Star Trek General Discussion
SFNet Star Trek The Original Series
SFNet Star Trek The Next Generation
STNet Star Trek Deep Space 9
SFNet Star Trek Voyager
SFNet Star Trek Enterprise
SFNet Star Trek Animated Series
SFNet Star Trek Discovery
SFNet Babylon 5
SFNet SYFY Channel Discussion
SFNet Battlestar Galactica Discussion
SFNet All Things Whovian Related
SFNet All British SciFi Discussion
SFNet Stargate (All)
SFNet Farscape
SFNet Star Trek Movies
SFNet Star Trek The Alternate Universe
SFNet Star Wars Movie Discussion
SFNet Classic SF Movie Discussion
SFNet Marvel Cinematic Universe
SFNet DC Movies/Shows
SFNet Star Wars RPG
SFNet Star Wars Computer/Console Gaming
SFNet Discussion of the Game/Series Defi
SFNet Battletech
SFNet CityTech
SFNet AeroTech
SFNet Dungeons and Dragons Games
SFNet Ingress Discussion
SFNet Twilight 2000
SFNet Steve Jackson Games
SFNet Poke'mon (Games)
SFNet Poke'mon GO!
SFNet Marvel Games
SFNet DC Games
SFNet General SF/Fantasy Literature
SFNet Star Wars Novels Discussion
SFNet General Discussion of MANGA
SFNet General Anime' Discussion
SFNet Death Note
SFNet Soul Eater
SFNet Poke'mon (Show)
SFNet Robotech / Macross
SFNet Buy, Sell, Trade
SFNet New Echo Requests
SFNet SciFi -> Reality
SFNet Marvel Comics
SFNet DC Comics
SFNet Other Comics
SFNet Starfleet International Fan Assoc

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